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King's House Vision and Purpose

An Acts 13:1-4 Community

"Build a family, that fills the bowls, that fills the earth."

Build a family...

We believe it is important that the corporate body of Christ is built in the context of the family of God (Matt. 5:9, Rom. 8:15). The God that Jesus came to reveal was and is a Father who wants to be close to His children. This is the reason for sending His Son as our advocate so the nations can be near the Father (John 3:16; Rev. 21:2-3). The way the kingdom of God is to be expressed is through a people who are rooted in their identity of being sons and daughters of a Father who loves them deeply. The Father's love includes both the blessings and privileges of being in the family along with His loving discipline for our growth and alignment with His ways (Heb. 12:5-11). We also believe it is also important for the church to be rooted in their identity as the bride of Christ (Eph. 5:22-27) knowing that God is a jealous Bridegroom that is passionate about the attention and affections of His bride (the church). As Christ's bride our gospel message and lifestyle are pointed and purposeful knowing that He will return for a bride who has made herself ready for a wedding (Rev. 19:6-9) and partnership in the age to come (Rev. 20:4-5). 


That fills the bowls... 

We believe it is important for the church to function and express herself as a kingdom of priests before God (Rev. 5:9-10). We are a royal family that functions in kingdom authority through the place of devotion in prayer, worship, and the word of God (Zech. 3;6, 1 Pet. 2:8-9, Rev. 1:6; 5:9-10). We have been called to minister to the Lord (Luke 2:36-38, Acts 13:2) and give ourselves to intercessory prayer as we follow the apostolic lifestyle given by Jesus in the sermon on the mount (Matt. 5-7). Our lifestyles of ministry to God and intercession goes up to heaven's temple to fill bowls in heaven (Rev. 8:3-4) as an aroma before the throne of God.

Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. (Rev. 5:8)


That fills the earth... 

From the foundations of be rooted in spiritual family and functioning in our royal priesthood identity God sets us apart to share and demonstrate His kingdom in society (Acts 13:1-4). Our quality of intimacy in God over time in our private and corporate lives gives the Holy Spirit the ability to shape us into messengers of the kingdom that have profound impact in society (Hab. 2:14; Mal 2:5-7; Matt. 5:13-16; 24:14; Acts 1:8; Acts 2:14-22; 13:1-4). Our lifestyle of love and obedience to God as a kingdom of priests acts as a lampstand for the light of the knowledge of God to shine into a dark world and to strengthen the church around the world (Matt. 5:15; Rev. 1:12; 2:1).

King's House Commitments and Foundations


Below are five foundational values that help in our growth as a kingdom of priests before God. 



1. WE MINISTER TO GOD: By declaring His worth in an unceasing way on earth as a witness to how He is ministered to continually in heaven. (Matt. 6:10)


2. WE PARTNER WITH GOD IN INTERCESSION: To release God's power to win the lost, revive the Church, and impact society as we do works of justice and compassion.


3. WE GROW IN INTIMACY WITH GOD: By personally encountering Him by the indwelling Spirit. We receive greater grace to love, obey, and partner with Him, as we are fascinated by who He is.


4. WE GROW IN REVELATION OF THE WORD: Gaining insight into His will, ways, and salvation and to understand the unique dynamics of His end-time plan to transition the earth to the age to come.

5. WE SPEAK TO OTHERS FROM THE PLACE OF FASCINATION: From the context of a deep personal relationship with God in both the secret place of prayer and worship and the corporate place of prayer and worship we speak to believers and non believers from a fascinated heart with God. We believe a heart that is captivated will then be motivated to be a witness of truth to others.

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