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Join a worship & prayer team



Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to minister to the Lord through day and night prayer and worship. 




1.  We want to get to know you. Please fill out the application using this link:


2.  We want to hear you play/sing. Please send us a video recording or YouTube link of yourself (up to five minutes) either singing or playing (or both) to


   a. Musicians: Choose two songs (one in 4/4, one in 6/8). Play through the verse, chorus, bridge of each.

   b. Vocalists: Please sing a verse, chorus, and bridge to one of these songs acapella ("What a Beautiful Name" or "Worthy of It All"). You may sing it in whatever key is best for your voice.


All singers and musicians must be in agreement with King's House Statement of Faith, Vision/Values, and Worship Team Guidelines, as listed on our website. Musicians must be able to play to a click and in various time signatures. We will respond within one week with your evaluation results and feedback. 





1. Watch two short videos on our website to get to know us: "Why Day and Night Prayer and Worship?" and "What Is the Harp and Bowl Model?"



2. Attend a worship set in person and/or view this clip from an intercession set:


3. We will contact you and may possibly schedule a follow-up in-person audition.



We ask all singers and musicians to agree to a four-month commitment called a "Sacred Trust."  Our desire is to partner with believers from all around the metroplex in day and night prayer and worship. We are not asking you to join our church family; rather, we are simply asking for a 1-2 hour weekly commitment to take your stand on the wall before Him in worship and intercession.



We look forward to getting to know you,


King's House Worship Department

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