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The Lord has called us to be a family of disciples fully committed to God, and each other, and seek to live fascinated in the beauty and knowledge of God. Our primary mandate is to establish and maintain day and night prayer with worship in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David in the greater Dallas area of McKinney Texas. Our greatest desire is to behold and minister to God, and from that context we are sent to bring the message and hope of the gospel to every sphere of influence God gives us. We are committed to live the sermon on the mount lifestyle found in Matthew 5-7 and seek to live as forerunner messengers, spiritually preparing for the unique dynamics of God's end time plan. The work of our ministry includes equipping, discipling,  and sending out messengers of the gospel to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in every sphere of our society including the nations of the earth. The heart of our church family is the prayer room where we take serious the mandate to minister to the Lord and partner with His purposes in intercessor prayer day and night.

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