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There are many singers and musicians who love Jesus but may lack revelation of what partnering with Him looks like through the expression of music and song. Inspired by Kind David, who established and funded signers and musicians to sing and prophesy to God on instruments day and night, the Hear of David Project will serve as a recruiting and funding project so that singers, musicians, and worship leaders will be equipped within the prayer room to reveal God's love, release His power, and establish His justice on the earth. It is from that place we pray that those who give their time or finances will aid the mission until Jesus returns.


Heart of David Project exists to fund and recruit prayerful singers and musicians that reflect the worth of Christ in the musical expression of worship, and who will partner with Jesus to reveal His love, release His power, and establish His Kingdom in the context of continual prayer and worship at King's House.


If you would like to support the effort to fund day and night prayer and worship like King David, go to

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Refer to these scriptures:

1 Chronicles 9:33, 15:1-17,27

Revelation 5

Ezra 3:10 and Nehemiah 12:28-47

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